Kusto Home, one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam, made a strong impression at the Vietnam Property Awards 2022 by securing several prestigious awards. The event, held on September 15th in Ho Chi Minh City, recognized Kusto Home’s achievements and innovations in the real estate industry.
Kusto Home achieves major wins at Vietnam Property Awards 2022

Among the notable accolades, Kusto Home received the “Best Developer” and “Best Mixed-Use Development” awards for their premium projects. This recognition reaffirms Kusto Home’s commitment to delivering high-quality real estate projects that meet the living and working needs of customers.

Diamond Island – The award for the ‘Best Outstanding Completed Apartment’ in 2022 is dedicated to Diamond Island.

Additionally, Kusto Home was honored with the “Best Condo Development” award for their luxurious condominium project. Attention to detail in design, modern amenities, and comfortable living spaces set Kusto Home’s project apart from the competition.

Not only focused on developing exceptional real estate projects, Kusto Home also received the “Best Green Building” award for their dedication to environmental protection and sustainable construction. The company utilized eco-friendly technologies and materials to create greener living and working spaces.

The success at Vietnam Property Awards 2022 solidifies Kusto Home’s position as one of the top real estate developers in Vietnam. With their innovative vision and commitment to quality, Kusto Home continues to shape and redefine the real estate industry in the coming years, delivering outstanding value to their customers.

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