Bahamas Tower floor plan – Diamond Island apartment, District 2

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Overview of Bahamas Tower, Diamond Island

  • Number of units on one floor: 8 units.
  • Number of elevators: 3 resident elevators, 1 service elevator for goods transportation.
  • Number of fire escape staircases: 2 staircases.
  • Balcony size: 1.3m in height, 1.3m in width, equipped with tempered glass and stainless steel handrails.
  • Width of corridors: 1.8m, allowing natural light during the day. At night, the lighting system will automatically turn on through a timer.
  • Waste management: Waste is collected on each floor and centralized to the B2 level for processing and disposal. Each waste collection area is equipped with a shared ventilation system that extends to the roof.
  • Backup power generator.
  • One of the fundamental differences of Bahamas Tower in Diamond Island compared to other projects is the integration of Dual Key apartment units, suitable for multi-generational families who wish to live close to each other while maintaining the necessary privacy.

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Bahamas Tower floor plan – Diamond Island apartment, District 2


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