Brilliant Tower floor plan – Diamond Island apartment, District 2

Brilliant is the first tower to bring the name of million-dollar apartments to Diamond Island. With a spacious design and luxurious balconies by renowned Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, Brilliant offers a unique blend of classic charm and contemporary elegance.

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Overview of Brilliant Tower, Diamond Island:

  • Number of blocks: 2 blocks – T3 and T4 Number of floors:
  • T3 Tower consists of 3 clusters with varying floor heights
  • T4 Tower consists of 3 clusters with floor heights ranging from 16 to 18 floors
  • Number of apartments: 249 units Apartment sizes:
    • 1-bedroom + study: 82m2
    • 2 bedrooms: 97 – 125m2
    • 3 bedrooms: 137 – 225m2
    • 4 bedrooms and duplexes: 230 – 468m2
    • 6 penthouse units with sizes ranging from 600m2 to 650m2
  • Since its completion and launch in 2013, the majority of the luxurious 249 apartments in this tower are owned by discerning individuals selected through a meticulous process. The remaining units are retained by the developer and operated as 5-star hotel apartments, managed by Ascott – a leading international management company.
  • Brilliant’s design sets it apart from other Phase 2 residential towers. Created with exquisite craftsmanship by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, Brilliant exudes elegance with its spacious and airy living spaces, from the living rooms to the balconies. The diverse arrangement of apartments on each floor and the variety of 15 different design layouts make Brilliant truly unique, special, and upscale compared to any other residential tower.
  • The construction quality of Brilliant is of the highest standard within the project. Despite being completed and operational since 2013, the construction quality has stood the test of time. When visiting Diamond Island, customers can witness the solidity of Brilliant. The interior fittings are imported from Italy and Europe, with double-layered tempered glass doors, perfect sound insulation, and German elevator systems, among other high-quality features. Therefore, many customers who come to Diamond Island still prefer to choose Brilliant.

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